Hair Care Q&A


Wig Cap Installation Instructions:

  1. Prepare your hair.
    1. Small to medium braids work best.
    2. 2nd option: pull your hair into a straight back ponytail.
    3. Pulling your hair back will give you the best foundation to install your new Shawtywig.
  2. Optional: You may apply a wig cap using gel or spray. Blow-dry the gel or spray onto the perimeter of the hairline until the gel turns clear.
    1. After the wig cap is dry, trim the excess cap off your hairline.
    2. Apply your color foundation onto your wig cap. This will give a “scalp like” appearance.
  3. Once the cap is dry and secured, it’s time to start the wig installation.
  4. Prepare your hairline with your choice of glue. Be sure to follow the glue products directions.
  5. Blow-dry (on cool heat) your Shawtywig in place. Wrapping your perimeter with a silk scarf works well.
  6. When your wig is dry and secure, use mousse or water to part and style.


Bundle Installation:

  1. Co-wash after each install.


Care Tips:

Synthetic Wigs

  1. Refrain from styling too much.
  2. Only comb when necessary, if textured or curly only use your fingers.
  3. Use a wide tooth comb or a wig brush.
  4. Use 1/2 fabric softer and water mixture as a detangler.
  5. Heat only up to 380°F.
  6. If you sleep in your wig, use a scarf.
  7. When not wearing your Shawtywig, hang the wig on a mannequin head or stand.


Human Hair Wigs

  1. Always use a wide tooth comb or a wig brush.
  2. Conditioner / water mixture is a great detangler.
  3. Co-wash instead of shampoo.
  4. Refrain from over combing your frontal or closure to avoid shedding.
  5. Shampoo your lace occasionally to remove product build up.
  6. When not wearing your Shawtywig, hang the wig on a mannequin head or stand.
  7. Do not bleach knots over 2 mins, and maintain the temperature under 100°F during bleaching.

Lace Care

  1. For best results, a professionally installed closure / frontal is a great start.
  2. Sleep in a silk scarf.
  3. Always allow lace to air-dry.
  4. Wash with mild sulphate-free shampoo and use leave in conditioner.
  5. Brush hair from tip to point daily to avoid over brushing.
  6. Styling does not always require heat. Rollers and flexy rods work great on lace.


Can I wear my Shawtywig Human Hair while swimming?

It is recommended to wear a swim cap made of latex to protect your Shawtywig product from salt or choline water. We do not recommended swimming in a synthetic product.

Do I have to care for my Shawtywig hair after I swim?

Yes, wash & rinse thoroughly and apply deep conditioner to human hair product immediately after swimming.

Can I trim my Shawtywig hair?

Shawtywig recommends that you have a professional trim the hair. Trimming your Shawtywig product by yourself may result in damage or split ends caused by dull shears or razor.

How do I treat damaged hair from styling?

Use sulfate free shampoo for cleansing and follow with deep conditioner and special hair care treatment. If the damage is severe, seek a professional stylist to have the damaged part cut off.

When storing left over hair?

Always store remaining Shawtywig hair in its original box. Never store hair until it is completely dry. Wrap hair with newspaper or tissue paper can help retain moisture in the original box.

Why does my Shawtywig hair have static and what do I do about it?

Shawtywig hair products are treated with a static-resistant process. However, depending on the weather & the material of your clothing, static may occur. If this happens, restrain from using oil-based hair products and use water-based serums with high moisture level or add a few drops of water to the styling product and mix well before using.

How often should I shampoo my Shawtywig hair?

It is recommended to shampoo weekly to keep your Shawtywig human hair product healthy and in stylish condition. Washing your hair is necessary to extend the life of your Shawtywig. Like natural hair, your wig needs regular maintenance, otherwise your Shawtywig product will tangle and become unruly. Any unwashed residue will cause the hair to mat.

Why should I shampoo my Shawtywig hair?

Shampooing will remove residue that can harm the hair & scalp. It eliminates dry flaky skin, oily build-up from the scalp, dirt, pollution from the air, and hair styling chemicals such as gel or oil.

What type of shampoo should I use?

Premium quality moisturizing shampoos or sulfate free shampoos are highly recommended for cleansing. Premium quality shampoo can help your Shawtywig hair last longer: Low quality shampoos contain more detergent that will dry out your Shawtywig hair. It will be more susceptible to damage & tangling. In addition, make sure it is alcohol-free; alcohol also causes hair to dry out. Since the Shawtywig hair does not get any moisture or nutrients from the scalp like your natural hair, it needs extra care to keep it moisturized.

How do I prepare my Shawtywig hair to shampoo?

Brush gently and be careful not to pull. Brush your hair from the bottom up to the lace to remove all tangles. As you are detangling, make sure to inspect your Shawtywig product for any damage and repair them before shampooing to prevent further damage and loosening of the hair during washing.

What is the best way to shampoo my Shawtywig human hair?

Section your hair into two parts and make into loose pig tails. Loosely tie one section and wash the other section first then switch off to the other part to minimize pulling. If you have used hair gels or other products, gently lather to remove residue completely. Do not scratch your scalp with fingernails. Be sure you do not: rub, scrunch or agitate the hair while washing.

How often should I condition my Shawtywig hair?

Conditioner every time after shampooing. Applying a conditioner is important to replenish the elasticity and moisture level. Apply the conditioner evenly to the hair surface and let it penetrate for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Gently massage into hair.

What water temperature should I use to rinse my Shawtywig hair?

It is recommended to use cold water.

Why do I need to use cold water to rinse?

The cold water will help add shine, minimize static and any comb damage when brushing.

When should I give my Shawtywig hair a light conditioning?

If you ever feel that the normal conditioning weighs down your Shawtywig hair and gets build-ups, using leave-in conditioner is recommended. Spray or apply evenly when hair is still wet and let it dry naturally.

How do I deep condition on my Shawtywig human hair product?

When treating damaged hair, or for periodic deep conditioning, sulfate free shampoo is recommended for cleansing before applying deep conditioner. Make sure to start with the hair ends where the damage occurs most easily. Gently pat in the conditioner from the hair ends and apply upwards to the scalp. Leave in for a minimum of 15 min. For maximum penetration, cover with shower cap and place steam towel over your head or use heat to promote deeper penetration. Rinse thoroughly.

Do I have to rinse my hair after shampooing and conditioning?

Yes, make sure to rinse thoroughly. It is important to lift residue while shampooing, but it is more important to clear it off completely. It is crucial to wash off any residue to prevent any over population of bacteria & fungi which can cause scalp itching & irritation.The temperature of the water is critical when rinsing your hair. If the water is too cold, dirt & residue will not wash off completely. If the water is too hot, hair will stretch out and becomes thin and brittle. Therefore, it is best to use lukewarm water for rinsing and cool water for the last rinse. For more precise rinsing into your natural braided hair & scalp, carefully lift the base of each extension and apply water directly to scalp and braids using shower head to remove dirt and residue that are hard to reach.

Can I trim my Shawtywig hair?

Shawtywig recommends that you have a professional trim the hair. Trimming your Shawtywig product by yourself may result in damage or split ends caused by dull shears or razor.

Do I need to brush my hair regularly?

Yes, like your natural hair, regular brushing is essential to keep the tangles out and to maintain Shawtywig hair in a manageable condition. It is best to make regular brushing into a daily routine.

How should I brush my Shawtywig human hair?

When brushing, start with the hair ends. Hold the hair in the middle and work out any tangles. Then go upwards toward your scalp. Be careful not to pull hair when working out tangles. This may lead to shedding, loosening of the knots and hair breakage. Make sure to brush gently. When brushing curly hair, use fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

How should I dry my hair?

Hair is vulnerable and easy to damage when it is wet, it is best to let it naturally dry at room temperature or use a hair dryer with low temp. Setting while keeping about 8" distance from the hair. Do not stay on one spot to dry but blow around to dry hair evenly.

When towel drying, press down with the towel and let the water penetrate in the towel then gently pat the hair down with pressure to get the remaining water out. Do not rub or squeeze water out by twisting the hair. This can lead to hair damage and pulling of the hair.

Avoid using hot air to blow dry. This can damage the keratin in the hair: If you use hot air to dry the hair while it is wet, it will do double the damage to the hair.

Always dry your hair completely before you go to bed. It is recommended to wash your hair early on the day, so your hair will have time to airdry.

Can I color my Shawtywig human hair?

Only Shawtywig human hair products are made for coloring and will maintain the premium quality.

Shawtywig Synthetic hair is NOT made for coloring or perming; the chemicals will damage the hair.

How should I remove my Shawtywig product?

It is highly recommended to visit your stylist to remove your Shawtywig product safely without damaging your natural hair. Your hair will most likely grow about 1/2 to 1 inch in about 8 weeks. Seek a stylist advice on how long you should leave your product on. If you leave it in for too long, it will begin to look old and ragged and could damage your natural hair.

How should I go to bed while wearing my Shawtywig product?

We recommend you secure your hair and neatly tuck it under a satin cap or scarf.

How can I prevent sun damage?

UV radiation from the sun can cause gradual, but critical damage to the hair by drying it out and making it brittle. This will cause hair breakage and/or discoloration. Sun damage is greater if you have chemically treated your Shawtywig product. This will eventually lead to more tangling. Make sure to use a deep conditioner every time you shampoo to replenish the moisture level. It is highly recommended to use leave-in hair conditioner or sun protection lotion/gel when you are exposed to the sun for a prolonged time.

Can I use heat styling tools?

Curling Irons & Flat Irons can be used.